Hyperion Financial Reporting (HFR)

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Hyperion Financial Reporting (HFR)

Training Objectives of HFR:

The main objective of the course is designed to teach you how to create and manage reports with Financial Reporting, and use Essbase or Planning as the data source. So that Learner can able to create reports, books, report objects and batches; formating reports; and add auto calculations and functions. Aspirants can also learn how to schedule batches and manage the batch output.

Hyperion Financial Reporting (HFR) is the Simplest and robust reporting tool that is currently part of the Oracle BI EE Plus bundle. It is the excellent multi-dimensional reporting capabilities and scales very well unlike Web Analysis. With this tool users are able to create highly-formatted, book-quality, management and operational reports.

Target Students / Prerequisites:

Students must have basic Microsoft Windows skills and familiar with Essbase or Planning data sources Concepts.



Course Content

Financial Reporting Overview:

  • Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System

  • Oracle’s BI Suite Enterprise Edition Plus

  • Financial Reporting Features and Architecture

  • Financial Management Data Sources

Navigating Reports in Workspace:

  • Workspace Overview

  • Setting Preferences

  • Browsing the Repository

  • Searching for Items

  • Previewing and Printing Reports

Interacting with Reports in Workspace:

  • Annotations Overview

  • Creating, Viewing, and Replying to Annotations

  • Integrating Reports into Microsoft Office Applications

Navigating Reports in Reporting Studio:

  • Reporting Studio Overview

  • Opening Reports

  • Previewing and Printing Reports

Creating Basic Reports:

  • Report Creation Overview

  • Creating Reports and Grids

  • Selecting Members for Rows and Columns

  • Setting the Point of View

  • Adding Rows or Columns

  • Saving Reports

Applying Advanced Member Selections:

  • Lists Overview

  • Selecting Members by Using Lists

  • Selecting Members by Using Functions

  • Selecting Members for the Page Axis

Customizing Grids:

  • Selecting Database Connections in Reports

  • Attaching Documents to Reports

  • Displaying Line-Item Details

  • Setting Up Expansions to Display Detail Data

  • Adding Related Content Links to Reports

Formatting Cells and Grids:

  • Formatting Cells

  • Formatting Grids

  • Suppressing Data

  • Applying Conditional Formatting in Grids

  • Setting Up Pages

Creating Report Objects:

  • Adding Text Boxes and Images

  • Saving Report Objects

  • Inserting Saved Report Objects

  • Designing Headers and Footers

  • Designing Row and Column Templates

Adding Text Functions:

  • Text Functions Overview

  • Inserting Text Functions

  • Common Text Functions

Adding Auto Calculations and Mathematical Functions:

  • Auto Calculations Overview

  • Mathematical Functions

  • Mathematical Operators in Expressions

  • Formulas Overview

  • Common Mathematical Functions

  • Creating Books

  • Books Overview

  • Previewing and Printing Books

  • Changing the Book Point of View

  • Importing Files into the Repository

  • Creating Books

  • Changing the Appearance of Books

  • Creating Batches

  • Working with Batches

  • Scheduling Batches

  • Scheduling Batch-Bursting Options

  • Monitoring Batch Schedules

  • Managing Items in the Repository

  • Managing User Points of View

  • Creating E-Mail Links

  • Managing Repository Items

  • Managing Database Connections

  • Setting Permissions for Repository Items

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