Oracle 10G Course

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Oracle 10G Course


Oracle 10g is the version of Oracle Database from Oracle Corporation. 10g is Oracle's grid computing product group including a database management system (DBMS) and an application server. In addition to supporting grid computing features such as resource sharing and automatic load balancing, 10g products automate many database management tasks. The Real Application Cluster (RAC) component makes it possible to install a database over multiple servers. Oracle Database 10g is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, the most flexible and cost effective way to manage information and applications.

Training Objectives of Oracle 10g:

Oracle 10g Aspirants can easily learn concepts of create, retrieve, and manipulate objects in Oracle 10g Structured Query Language (SQL). Oracle Database 10g was the first database designed for grid computing, mainly flexible and cost-effective method to handle enterprise information. It cuts cost of management while providing the highest possible quality of service.



Course Content


  •  Concepts of DBMS

  •  Introduction

  •  Importance and Need

  •  Database Models and Normalization

  •  Models

  •  Hierarchal

  •  Relational

  •  Object

  •  Normalization Techniques

Introduction to RDBMS:

  •  Concepts of RDBMS

  •  Introduction

  •  Comparison with DBMS

  •  COOD Rules

  •  Normalization Revisited

  •  Concepts of ORDBMS & OODBMS

  •  Introduction to ORDBMS

  •  Introduction to OODBMS

  •  Comparison and analysis

Structured Query Language (SQL):

  •  Introduction to SQL

  •  Predefined Data Types

  •  Introduction to database objects

  •  Table, View

Commands in SQL:

  •  Data Definition Language(DDL)

  •  Data Manipulation Language(DML)

  •  Data Control Language(DCL)

  •  Transaction Control Language(TCL)

  •  Database Security and Privileges(DCL)

Working with DDL, DML, TCL Commands:

  •  Operators

  •  Conditional, Logical, Comparison, SET

  •  Functions

  •  Date, Number, Character, String, Group, Group by, Having clause

  •  Transformation Functions


  •  NVL, NVL2(9i)

  •  Aggregate Functions

Integrity Constraints:

  •  Different Types of Integrity Constraint

  •  Use of Integrity Constraint in table

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