QA Testing Tools

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QA Testing Tools


Quality affirmation (QA) is a method for forestalling errors or imperfections in fabricated items and keeping away from issues while conveying arrangements or administrations to clients. Quality confirmation is any orderly procedure of verifying whether an item or administration being created is meeting determined necessities.

Training Targets of QA TESTING:

Quality confirmation incorporates two standards: "Fit for reason" (the item ought to be appropriate for the planned reason); and "right first time" (slip-ups ought to be disposed of). QA incorporates the board of the nature of crude materials, congregations, items and parts, administrations identified with creation, and the executives, creation and investigation forms.



Course Content

Manual Testing


  •  What are the various periods of SDLC?

  •  How does the procedure of Programming Improvement Start?

  •  Project Initiation

  •  Requirement Social occasion and Analysis

  •  What is Prerequisite report and what it contains?

  •  What is use case archive and what it contains?

  •  What is Fundamental way and Interchange Path?

  •  Role of Business Analyst

  •  Example for clarifying each phase

  •  Role of specialized determination team

  •  What is Specialized determination document?

  •  What is Framework Design?

  •  Role of Structure team

  •  What is plan document?

  •  Role of design team

  •  System development

  •  Role of advancement team

  •  Deliverable of Advancement phase

  •  System testing

  •  Role of analyzers and sorts of testing

  •  User acknowledgment testing

  •  System deployment

  •  System maintenance

  •  Events in the upkeep stage like bug fixes


  •  How are the periods of STLC conveyed out?

  •  What is testing?

  •  Role of testers

  •  Why do we have to test?

  •  Activities engaged with the testing phase

  •  What is test plan and experiment document?

  •  Steps of experiment execution

  •  What tests case report contain?

  •  How to compose experiment document?

  •  What is required to test any application?

Test Cases:

  •  What is test case?

  •  What tests case record contain?

  •  How to compose experiment document?

  •  Different experiment techniques

Test Plan:

  •  What is Test Plan?

  •  How to compose test plan document?

  •  What does the test plan report contain?

  •  Who composes and endorses the test plan document?

  •  How deal with the experiment documents?

  •  What is the pass/fall flat criterion?

Types of Testing:

  •  Different Periods of testing

  •  What is unit testing?

  •  What is Least acknowledgment testing?

  •  What is mix, framework and framework incorporation testing?

  •  What is Client acknowledgment testing?

  •  What is Relapse Testing?

Defect Analysis:

  •  What is a defect?

  •  Various Imperfection following tools

  •  How to utilize the imperfection following tools?

  •  How to enter the subtleties of imperfection in the deformity following tool?

  •  How to recognize a defect?

  •  What is seriousness and priority?

Tracebility Matrix:

  •  What is Recognizability Matrix[TM]?

  •  Who Readies the TM document?

  •  What is the reference for composing TM?

  •  What is the utilization of TM?

  •  What is available in the TM document?

  •  Sample TM

  •  Tools utilized for creating TM

  •  Various Groups and their Roles

  •  Configuration The executives Team

  •  Role of arrangement the board team

  •  What is Deployment?

  •  Deployment Team

  •  Role of Organization team

  •  Version Control

  •  Various rendition devices and its usage

  •  Difference among QC and QA

  •  What is mechanization testing?

  •  Why, what and when to automate?

  •  Various apparatuses utilized for computerization testing

Mangement Tool

Quality Center:

  •  Introduction to Quality Center

  •  What is Quality Center?

  •  Why to utilize Quality Center

  •  Version of Value Center

  •  Overview of value Center client interface

  •  Various tabs in Quality center

  •  Requirement Module

  •  Requirement Module Overview

  •  Creating Necessity tree

  •  Creating Guardian and Kid requirements

  •  Understanding the Portrayal tab

  •  Understanding the History tab

  •  Uploading connections to requirement

  •  A look at different sections in requirement

  •  Types of perspectives in necessity module

  •  Requirement matrix view

  •  Requirement inclusion view

  •  Requirement coverage view

  •  Test Plan Module

  •  Creating folder structure

  •  Create test cases

  •  Requirement coverage

  •  Test Lab Module

  •  Overview of Test Lab

  •  Detail of various tabs

  •  Creating folders

  •  Creating Test sets

  •  Adding test cases

  •  Different columns in Execution Grid

  •  Execution Flow tab

  •  Scheduling Test runs

  •  Test Set Properties tab

  •  Linked Defects tab

  •  Running Tests manually

  •  Running Tests automatically

  •  Viewing Test results

  •  Quality Center Defects

  •  Overview of Defects

  •  Creating defects after test execution

  •  Adding defects in defect module

  •  Creating defects during test execution

  •  Linking Defects

  •  How to close a defect

  •  Closing defects after retest

  •  Mailing the defects

  •  Quality Center reports & graphs

  •  Why Reports & Graphs?

  •  How to create reports & graphs for Analysis?

Automation Testing

Quick Test Professional

Introduction to QTP:

  •  What is QTP

  •  Prepare Before Automation

  •  Application Under Test

  •  First look at Add-Ins for QTP

  •  Understanding the QTP User Interface

  •  Setting up preferences in QTP before recording.

Different versions of QTP (Text based):

  •  Difference between QTP 9.0 and QTP 8.2.

  •  Difference between QTP 9.2 and QTP 9.0

  •  Difference between QTP 9.5 and QTP 9.2.

Record and run a script:

  •  Record a simple script

  •  Save the script

  •  Run the test script

  •  Understand the result

Introduction to Object Repository:

  •  What is Object Repository

  •  Types of Object Repository

  •  Object Repository Manager

  •  Associating shared Object Repository with test

Shared Object Repository:

  •  Local Object Repository

  •  Create a shared Object Repository

  •  Add objects to shared Object Repository

  •  Save an shared Object Repository

  •  Modify the shared Object Repository

  •  Comparing Local and Shared Object Repository


  •  What is Synchronization

  •  Synchronization in QTP

  •  Add Synchronization Steps for an Object

Check Point:

  •  What is Check Point

  •  Using Standard Check Point

  •  Using Text Check Point

  •  Using Access ability check point

  •  Using XML Check Point

Database checkpoint:

  •  What is database checkpoint

  •  Writing SQL Query using Microsoft Query

  •  Parameterize a database checkpoint

Output Values:

  •  What is Output value

  •  Using Standard Output value

  •  Using Text Output value

  •  Using Database Output value

  •  Using XML Output value

  •  Data Driven Test

  •  What is Data Driven test

  •  What is Parameterization


  • Regular Expression

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