SAS Business Intelligence

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SAS Business Intelligence


SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) is a suite of applications that allows you to prepare and display data. They help improve key processes and data, as well as identify and monitor trends in corporate, competitor market performance and improving quality of data. SAS BI is a module of SAS where business analysis if possible through a software skill set.

Training Objectives of SAS BI:

SAS business intelligence course offers the most professional way of SAS skills needed.

To create user friendly business applications.

To understand and execute advanced reporting techniques.



Course Content

Overview of SAS 9 Enterprise Intelligence Platform and SAS Data Integration Studio:

  •  Business Intelligence overview

  •  Business Intelligence Information Consumers

  •  Navigating in SAS Data Integration Studio

  •  Change Management

  •  What is change management?

  •  Repository

  •  Using change management

Designing the Course Data Mart BR/> Planning a data warehouse:

  •  Building a Data Mart

  •  Defining the source data

  •  Defining the target tables

  •  Loading the target tables

Creating Reports:

  •  Report Transformations

  •  Using the Transformation Generator Wizard

  •  SAS Data Integration Studio and stored -processes Transformations for Slowly Changing Dimensions

  •  Defining slowly changing dimensions

  •  Using the SCD Type 2 Loader transformation

  •  Using the Fact Table Lookup transformation

Job Scheduling:

  •  Scheduling SAS Data Integration Studio jobs SAS Data Integration Studio and Data Quality

  •  SAS and Data Quality

  •  Using the Data Validation transformation

  •  Using the Apply Lookup Standardization transformation

  •  Using the Create Match Code transformation

SAS/Enterprise Guide:

  •  Introduction

  •  Starting SAS Enterprise Guide

  •  SAS Enterprise Guide windows

  •  Basic elements of SAS Enterprise Guide

  •  Entering data

  •  Creating a list report

  •  Producing a frequency report

  •  Creating a scatter plot

  •  Adding a note to the project

  •  Saving the project

Reading Data from Files:

  •  Opening a SAS data set from your local computer

  •  Opening a SAS data set stored in a SAS library

  •  Opening a Microsoft Excel file

Creating Reports:

  •  Creating a simple report

  •  Changing titles and footnotes

  •  Changing column labels and formatting values

  •  Defining your own formats

  •  Creating a grouped report

  •  Selecting a style for the report

Working with Data in the Query Builder:

  •  Opening the Query Builder

  •  Selecting columns

  •  Creating a new column

  •  Ordering and removing columns

  •  Filtering data

  •  Sorting the data rows

Joining Two Data Files Together:

  •  Opening the two data files to be joined

  •  Joining tables

  •  Filtering the data

  •  Modifying the type of join

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