SSRS SQL Reporting Services

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SSRS SQL Reporting Services



Course Content

SQL Server DBA Online Training Concepts :

  • SQL Server Architecture

  • SQL Server Version’s and Editions

  • SQL server Installation and Configuration

  • System databases

  • Pages and extents

  • Sql server services

  • Sql server protocols

  • ACID properties

  • Recovery models

  • Security-Login and User,Principals,Securables,Managing Permissions

  • Authentication Modes

  • Server roles

  • Database roles

  • Isolation Levels and Concurrency

  • Locking and Blocking-Types of locks and Types of reads

  • Service accounts for SQL server

  • GUI Templates-object explorer,solution explorer,template explorer,registered servers

  • Command line tools-BCP,SQLCMD

  • Creating and Configuring Database

  • Altering Databases and Their Options-Using ALTER command,Controlling Access,Controling DB state.

  • Linked servers

  • DAC-Dedicated Adminstrator Connection

  • CMS-Central Management Server

  • Data Compression and Backup Compression

  • Using ALTER Authorization Command

  • Schemas-Creating and working with schemas

  • Databasesnapshots

  • DBCC-And their parameters

  • Indexes-Types of Indexes,working and Maintaining indexes,resolving indexfragmentation,fill factor

  • Update statistics

  • SQL Server Top New Features

  • DMV’s-Types of Dynamic Management Views and working with them.

  • PBM-Policy Based Management

  • Resource governer

  • Performance data collector

  • SQL Server profiler

  • Maintainence Plans

  • Databasemail

  • Types of Sql Server Backups and their important options.

  • Types of Restores and its related options

  • Orphan Users-Fixing orphan users

  • Log shipping

  • Database Mirroring

  • Replication-Types Replication

  • Basics of Windows Clustering

  • Overview of real time Third party Monitoring tools-Ex:-Idera DM,Lite speed.

  • Overview of real time Ticketing tool-Ex:-Altiris,Remedey.

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