Teradata Database Training

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Teradata Database Training


Is one of the mainstream Social Database The board Frameworks. TERADATA is a completely adaptable social database the executives framework TERADATA is database which is wanted to oversee coherent inquiries. TERADATA is open framework TERADATA reasonable for showcase particular TERADATA helpful for oversee huge information warehousing operations.

Training Targets of TERADATA:

Teradata gives showcase driving information and examination stage Teradata gives Investigation stage and connectors to coordinate consistently with Hadoop. Comprehend Teradata's upper hand over different RDBMSs. Comprehend Teradata Engineering and Ordering instrument. Apply different execution going methods to advance the queries.



Course Content

Teradata Engineering and Components:

  •  PDE(Parallel Information Extension)

  •  Process (virtual processors)

  •  PE (Parsing Engine)

  •  AMP (Access Module processing)

  •  Board less By net

  •  TDP (Teradata Catalog Program)

  •  CLI (Call Level Interface)

  •  TPA (Confided in equal Application)

  •  Going top to bottom by clarifying the procedure of SQL articulation execution

Various Architecture:

  •  Node Design (shared nothing)

  •  SMP Architecture

  •  MPP Architecture

  •  Parallelism Architecture

  •  Benefit and types

Data Recuperation and Protection:

  •  Object Locks-Different locks for concurrent access

  •  RAIDI

  •  RAIDI5

  •  Disk Arrays

  •  Fall Back

  •  Clique

  •  AMP Clustering

  •  Journals

Teradata Stockpiling and Recovery Architecture:

  •  Request processing

  •  Syntaxes

  •  Resolver

  •  Security Module

  •  Optimizer

  •  E .Step Generator

  •  GNC Apply

  •  Dispatcher

Primary index:

  •  Hash algorithm

  •  Row hash

  •  DSW

  •  Hash Map

  •  Hash Bucket

  •  Reaching V disk

Teradata Indexes:

  •  Primary Index

  •  Unique

  •  Non unique

  •  Partitioned

  •  Secondary Index

  •  Unique

  •  Non unique

  •  Hash, Join, Worth Ordered

  •  Skewness

  •  Secondary File Sub table

  •  Accessing Records by means of essential index

  •  Accessing records by means of Auxiliary index

  •  Keys versus indexes

Teradata SQl Reference:

  •  Fundamentals

  •  Data Types and Literals

  •  Data Definition Statements

  •  Data control statements

Teradata Capacities and Operators:

  •  String functions

  •  Format functions

  •  Cast functions

  •  Group and Total functions

  •  With and with by clauses

Teradata Transactions:

  •  Implicit Transaction

  •  Explicit Transaction

Performance Tuning and Clarify Utility:

  •  Explain Usage

  •  Collection Statistics

  •  Tuning SQL Performance

  •  Usage of PMON

  • Joints and Unions

  •  Inner Join

  •  Left External Join

  •  Right External join

  •  Full External Join

Teradata Essential Commands:

  •  HELP

  •  SHOW



Teradata objects:

  •  Tables

            o  SET table

            o  Multi Set table

            o  Volatile tables

            o  Global Impermanent tables

            o  Derived tables

  •  Views

  •  Macros

  •  Stored procedures

  •  Triggers

Teradata spaces:

  •  PERM space

  •  SPOOL space

  •  TEMPORARY space

  •  Teradata client and managing.

  •  Teradata Exchange Modes

  •  BTET

  •  ANSI

  •  Interactive

  •  Batch

Load and Empty Utilities and Tools:

  •  Teradata SQL Aide (Inquiry man)

  •  Teradata Execution Monitor

  •  Teradata BTEQ

  •  Batch Contents with samples

  •  Branching and Looping

  •  Importing information through scripts

  •  Exporting information through scripts

  •  Session Control Direction Set

  •  Error handling.

  •  Teradata Quick load

  •  Various Periods of Quick Load

  •  Advantages and Process

  •  Limitations of Quick Load

  •  Sample scripts

  •  Teradata Multi Load

  •  Various Periods of Multi load

  •  Limitations of Multi Load

  •  Working with various tables

  •  Applying different operations

  •  Sample Scripts

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